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The Website of Friends of San Roque

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Vive San Roque


Peace from Christ!!!

New features: Now you can read the essays and archives done by the group of FOSR,, newly pusblished, be sure to visit, Friends of San Roque de Montipellier Archives ('NEW') CLICK HERE TO READ

This is the new site of our group...
The improved website just for you.
This site is for San Roque our patron

     Vive San Roque

Ang mahal na poong San Roque

Kapistahan: Agosto 16

Prayer should be prayed every


San Roque Patron of the sick have pity on those who lie upon the bed of suffering, Your power was so great when you were in this world by the sign of the cross many were healed on their diseases. Now you are in heaven your power is not less, offer then to God our sight and tears and obtain for us the health we seek through Christ our Lord Amen.


Place it in your door or in wallet. This tradition; the initials ‘VSR’ known powerful to protect us from dread of diseases

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Chapel Of San Roque & O.L.O. Snows

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click here to play video (the view of the church)

Awit kaY San Roque

LOs Que Fueron Heridos de Peste E' Implorarem Al Favor de Roque Alcanzaran Su Salud