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This is the 1st declared Constitiontion and By-Laws of Friends of San Roque de Montpellier




Created: March 5,2007 year of the Lord

Done: March 16,2007 year of the Lord


I.I We are called to live in service as what Christ has said, (Mk 10:45) also to give our lives to others and to the Catholic Church.

I.II Modeling the life of Mary most Holy, Queen of all Saints and also Saint Roch, we are called to live a life of holiness.

I.III This group will be officially called Friends of San Roque de Montpellier.

I.IV This group is a group for the triumph of the Holy Catholic Chruch.


II.A The purpose of this group are the following:

A.I To promote devotion to Our Lady, especially to our Lady of the Snows and of Mother of Perpetual Help. To promote devotion to Saint Roch the patron of this group. Also to promote the other patron and patroness of this group namely: St. Joseph the Most Chaste Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Jude Thaddeus cousin of Jesus, St. Anthony de Padua the great doctor of the Church, St. Pancratius glorious Martyr of Christ, St. Philomena Wonderworker, St. Rita de Cascia Patroness of impossible events and petition.

A.II To be involved in the activities of the Church for the greater glory of God.

A.III To conduct seminars and spiritual activities that fits and lawful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

A.III.I Seminars

A.III.II Retreats

A.III.III Pilgrimages

A.III.IV and etc

A.IV To produce and flourish the devotion to the seven holy helpers of our group and to Mary their Queen.

A.IV.I To produce copies of their history, prayers and novena’s.

A.IV.II To Spread the lives of the Saints by any means.

A.V To serve the people of God and the Church.

A.V.I Spiritual Works of Mercy

A.V.II Corporal Works of Mercy

A.V.III To obey the Six chief commandments of the Church.

-Hear Mass every Sunday and days of obligation

-Jan. 1 Mother Of God

-Dec 8 Immaculate Conception

-Dec 25 Nativity of Jesus

-Aug 5 Ntra. Sra. de la Nieva*

-Aug 16 San Roque*

*-Obligation of Friends of San Roque, not all Catholics.

-Fasting and Abstinence on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday

- Go to confession at least once a year

- To receive Holy Communion worthily

- To contribute to the needs of the Church

- To observe the Law of the Church about Marriage.


II.B The Patron of this Group

B.I First and foremost this group is for the Most Holy Trinity, whom all glory , honor, and worship are offered. We serve him through the examples of the Saints especially our 7 holy Helpers with Mother Mary as our Queen, so the motto of this group is "to the Holy Trinity, we give our lives".

B.II Nuestra Seņora de la Nieva, is the official Patroness of this group. She is the one who take care of the Church. She is the one who help us to spread and strengthen the Church. Also Mary is our Mother of perpetual help, who constantly help us in living a Christian life. The members are encouraged to pray the Holy Rosary and wear Mary’s brown Scapular. Keep the observance of the 1st Saturdays of the month and consecrate one’s life to Her Immaculate Heart.

San Roque de Montpellier is the official patron of this group, His protection we implore against the plague of Spirit and also of physical. We must imitate his life of service and holiness.

B.III St. Philomena is the secondary Patroness of this group, a martyr of God, ever ready to give her life for God. Together with St. Pancratius, we must defend the truth even though it’s result is death.

B.IV St. Joseph, chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the secondary patron of this group. As St. Joseph cared for the Child Jesus and with St. Anthony of Padua who loved the Child Jesus, so we with them must care for the innocent members of the Church. We must enrich every Catholics with the value of the Gospel.

B.V St. Jude Thaddeus and St. Rita of Cascia, are the Saints of hopeless cases and things despaired of, we must ask their intercession for the things that are impossible. We must not give up when preaching when preaching the word of God in this modern time. Don’t give up living a Christian life which is to suffer for the glory of God.



I.I All Catholics are invited to be admitted in this group.

I.II Christians which are not Catholics are also accepted, but must give respect to the rituals, traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church.

I.III those who desire to be members of this group must fill-out the official application form of this group, and also to pledge that he/she will observe the rules and obligations of this group.

I.IV The applicant will be notified if he/she is accepted in the group.


I. The members must have a meeting if needed every month.

II. The meeting must be patterned after the rules and prayers of the meeting. (The Official Meeting Pattern and Prayers of Friends of San Roque de Montpellier)


I. Every member are obligated to read the Gospel every day, to pray for the poor souls in purgatory. And an optional obligation to pray the prayers to the Saint everyday

I.I Monday, to The Most Holy Spirit and to St. Pancratius

I.II Tuesday, to the Holy Child Jesus (of adoration), to St. Joseph his foster Father, and to St. Anthony of Padua.

I.III Wednesday, to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

I.IV Thursday, to St. Jude Thaddeus and to St. Rita of Casia.

I.V Friday, to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Black Nazarene and to St. Philomena.

I.VI Saturday, to the most Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of the Snows and to Saint Roch.

I.VII Sunday to the Most Holy Trinity.

*note all are required to pray the prayers of Our Lady of the snows and of Saint Roch.

II. Every hour, we must give thanks to the Lord our God, for the gift of life.


I. Saint Roch is a pilgrim Saint, so we are called to imitate him, we must organize pilgrimages locally and internationally.

II. Extra-activities are the seminars, talks, and lectures.

III. We must celebrate Mass together at least once a year.


I. As a group, we need a leader and co- leader also secretary and his/her assistant, treasurer, activity coordinator I and II, and updater.

President- he/she is the one who leads the group and approves all the activities that the group will do.

Vice President –he/she is the one who will monitor the decision of the president.

Secretary and Assistant – Report the decision of the President and of the Vice President.

Treasurer - the one who hold the fund of the group.

Activity coordinator I & II – they will advise the activities that the group will do.


I. Our uniform is very simple brown T-shirt, blue pants with the official Friends of San Roque de Montpellier belt with pin of shell on the t-shirt.


We are not yet recognized by the church, so we are called private group. We are preparing for the great day when our group will be a PUBLIC group recognized the Catholic Church.



This is all and only declared Constitution and By-laws of this group,,
-Rhoneil de Leon


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